About the challenge 

These extraordinary times force us not only to spend more time at home, they also show us the importance of mathematic models when predicting future. At UNIQA 4WARD we appreciate the fascinating world of numbers – even in difficult days. That’s why we are happy to present to you a 3rd episode of our UNIQA 4WARD MATH CHALLENGE. With this new Episode and our exciting prizes, we want to challenge your mind and help you strengthen your math skills. So put away the baking tray and finish your home workout - it’s time to prove that you are a real Math Hero.

Good luck and stay safe!

How does it work?

The 3rd episode of our UNIQA 4WARD MATH CHALLENGE consists of a series of  4 weekly challenges with increasing difficulty. A new riddle will be published each week on Monday 3pm, (starting with the first one on June 8th 2020)  and is valid until the following Sunday (midnight).

Participants receive points according to correct solutions and time as follows: the first challenge is worth 10 points, second is worth 20 points, third 30 and the last 40. For the fastest correct solutions of each challenge extra points are awarded: 3 points for the first, 2 points for the second and 1 point for the third correct answer. Each new week on Monday, the new ranking will be published on our webpage. After the last challenge the top-ranking participants win various amazing prizes (in case of a tie, the ranking is done according to speed of the last challenge).

Am I allowed to participate?

You are studying mathematics, statistics, actuarial science or a related field? If yes, you’re good to go. There are no age or other restrictions for participating at the UNIQA 4WARD MATH CHALLENGE.

REMARK: Everybody is allowed to participate in the Challenge. Main prizes are reserved for students outside the UNIQA Group.

How do I take part?

It's easy! You only need your mail address, your name and the name of your university. Just go to the Challenge of the week fill out your details and submit your answer. As soon as you've submitted your answer you are participating in the challenge and listed in our official ranking. If you submit more than one answer we only count the first one.

What can I win?

The top prizes for our current UNIQA 4WARD MATH CHALLENGE are:

  1. Food for your soul - Weekend for two in a cozy hotel in the mountains of Austria or Slovakia (worth up to EUR 500,-)

  2.  Food for your body - Delivery of high quality organic food (worth EUR 300,-)

  3. Food for your mind - Credit for your next book orders at Thalia/Martinus (worth EUR 200,-)

By submitting the right answer, you are participating in the UNIQA 4WARD donation initiative. The donation pool will be increased by 10√π € for every correct answer we’ll receive. At the end of the challenge, the fund will be used to support the organization Red Cross.

* The donation will go to the organization Red Cross in Slovakia or Austria (depends from which country the right answer comes from). The total challenge donated sum is limited by 100 correct answers (i.e. 1000√π Euro).

Go check the current ranking!


We are pleased to announce the winners of the 3rd episode of our UNIQA 4WARD Math Challenge:

  1. Jakob256

  2. ilPedro

  3. vogo

Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to EVERYONE who participated :)