About the challenge 

At UNIQA 4WARD we are fascinated by the world of numbers and mathematical phenomenons. With our weekly math challenge we are dedicated to finding mathematical talents that share our passion.

How does it work?

The UNIQA 4WARD MATH CHALLENGE consists of a series of seven weekly challenges with increasing difficulty. The riddles will be published each week on Monday 2pm (starting with the first one on October 14th) and is valid until the following Sunday (midnight). Participants receive points according to correct solutions and time as follows: the first challenge is worth 10 points, second is worth 20 points, third 30 and so on. For the fastest correct solutions of each challenge extra points are awarded: 3 points for the first, 2 points for the second and 1 point for the third correct answer. With each new week we publish both a personal and university ranking on Monday. After the last challenge the top-ranking participants win various awesome prizes (in case of a tie the ranking is done according to speed of the last challenge). Moreover, independent of the ranking, participants can grab quick wins each week which are distributed among the first 10 correct solutions.

Am I allowed to participate?

You are studying mathematics, statistics, actuarial science or a related field? If yes, you’re good to go. There are no age or other restrictions for participating at the UNIQA 4WARD MATH CHALLENGE.

REMARK: Everybody is allowed to participate in the Challenge. Main prizes are reserved for students outside UNIQA. Quick wins are reserved for participants outside UNIQA.

How do I take part?

It's easy! You only need your mail address, your name and the name of your university. Just go to the Challenge of the week fill out your details and submit your answer. As soon as you've submitted your answer you are participating in the challenge and listed in our official ranking. If you submit more than one answer we only count the first one. 

What can I win?

The top prizes for our current UNIQA 4WARD MATH CHALLENGE are:

  1. iPad

  2. GoPro Camera                   

  3. AirPods   

Quick wins: 10 drinking vouchers for the first 10 correct solutions. 

And the winners are....

After 7 weeks our math challenge has finally come to an end! Thank you for your participation – we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!  

Update 04.12.2019: We received a message from Mackokajka and we really appreciate his honesty. He is teaching maths at Comenius University. Since the prizes are only intended for students, the second prize (GoPro) goes to the next winner in the ranking - Andy27. Balros will receive the Airpods and 50€ Spotify voucher goes to jumpini. You will find the updated ranking below.

The main prizes (Ipad, GoPro and Airpods) go to:  


  1. NatNat  
  2. Andy27  
  3. Balros  


Big congratulations to all of you!  

Furthermore, we would like to invite all of you to our office on the dates below. There you have the chance to collect your quick wins (Sodexo or ZľavaDňa vouchers), see what actuaries are doing and get to know us over lunch. All winners (vouchers or main prizes) will be informed via separate mail as well.  

Where and when?  


Address: UNIQA 4WARD office (Zuckermandel), Zizkova 9, 811 02 Bratislava (Look out for 5stars and ask at the reception for us)  

Dates and time: 17th and 18th December at 11:00-13:00  


Address: UNIQA Tower, Untere Donaustraße 21, 1029 Wien

Date and time: 19th December at 11:00-13:00  

Please register until 10th December via email to uniqa4ward@uniqa.at so that we can order enough food :). We ask the students from Slovakia to select a date according to your preference.    

If you have any questions regarding the ranking, solution or the event, please feel free to contact us anytime via uniqa4ward@uniqa.at