We are Reinsurance Experts.  

The ones who help to create the umbrella against the insurance risk storms.

We are the internal Reinsurance Centre of Excellence - the experts on insurance coverage for insurance companies. 

We are an extended part of the UNIQA Re teams based in Zurich, Switzerland & together we provide provides reinsurance cover for the whole UNIQA Group in both life and non-life sector.

Furthermore, we make sure the materialized insurance risks and their exposure are mitigated, hand in hand with the prevention and its measures. 

Thanks to us, UNIQA Group can focus on its customers, while we ensure robust internal protection as foundation for profitable business.

Just as an umbrella protects you from raindrops, our expertise shields you from financial storms. 

Making sure our UNIQA Insurance companies have effective coverage, UNIQA Re acts as single point of contact for external reinsurances and intermediaries. We support UNIQA Re in delivering quick & simple solutions for all our partners in areas of Underwriting, Risk Management, Compliance & Accounting.

Just like you check the weather forecast to ensure you have your umbrella handy, we look at insurance forecast to keep us safe from the risks.