Leading the dialogue

UNIQA’s overall goal is to support people to lead better lives. We want to inspire and provide innovative services and products that really make a difference. To achieve this goal we create a meaningful dialogue - not only with UNIQA customers but also with our colleagues and society in general. As UNIQA 4WARD HR & Brand Specialists we are responsible for setting up and leading this essential dialogue - for a better life!

People make a difference

Together across boarders

Our employees are our greatest asset! Our mission is to contribute to Group’s success by building a strong community of professionals. As an international platform within UNIQA, we bring people together by working across borders. In our high-trust & supportive work environment everybody feels welcome and appreciated. While setting up unified HR processes and systems, we live and breathe our values.

Daily questions that need to be answered by an HR expert

​How do we make the Onboarding Day unforgettable?

 What are the secrets of keeping our employees motivated?

How do we build a committed and strong community?

Spread the word 

And tell the stories that matter!

UNIQA is not only a leading insurance company in CEE but also a trusted companion for its customers. As Brand Specialists we make sure that UNIQA is seen, heard and understood accordingly. Therefore, we provide integral support to manage and enhance brand recognition and reputation by creating new brand standards and developing innovative new media campaigns.

Daily questions that need to be answered by a brand expert

How can we shape our brand strategy according to corporate goals?

How does our brand strategy differentiate from others in the market?

Is our communication relevant for our customers?